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Jennifer Bryant-Foster, Vice President of Real Estate Sales & Management, Foster Fuels

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I am Vice President of real estate and principle partner of Southern Va. Land, LLC which handles all the buying, selling, leasing and reviewing of real estate under Foster Fuels and the family umbrella. I also have employees and other customers come to me with sales or wanting to buy or sell so I address those needs as well. We currently have approximately 10,000 acres privately owned that we manage. Management includes farm leases; hunt leases, timber management, vacation homes and subdivision or development work. We own multiple vacation and secondary homes of which some are rented and I handle all of this. 

Our, Watt Foster Family Foundation annually gives around $300K of which I am a co-trustee and handle a lot of the giving. We give to just over 200 local organizations and I am very involved personally with a lot of these projects. This month we have our "Spread the Warmth" Coat Drive that I started 2 years ago with a few friends and last year we gave over 400 coats to local schools. This year we expect to break that record easily. I have started working on the December Church giving where we will give to 145 community churches. This will be done from the company and doubled from the Foundation. Katie and I are currently working on trying to split this work between us. 
I am on the Executive Board of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance. Currently sitting Chairman of the Board at Amazement Square Children's Museum and on the Development Committee Board member for the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation. 

We have 4 children ages 15,9,5 and 3. and have WRF Domestic, LLC, which manages all of our domestic help. and transportation. A few of the jobs for this include managing 6-7 employees, interviewing, hiring, firing and managing these employees. I manage all their weekly schedule's, time sheets, activities for the children, etc. 

Prior to coming to Foster Fuels, I spent 11 years working at Counts Realty and Auction Group. I was the principal Broker the last 8 years. I worked on 1 00's of Auctions over the years from equipment, to guns, antiques, real estate, cattle we sold everything. I coordinated the entire process from the day we booked the auction until the day we closed the sale. I worked with the sellers, the buyers, the auctioneers, the attorneys and handled the closings. It was a predominantly male environment I worked in most of the time. We worked on a 30-40-day time frames for each auction and had to be organized and timely. No margin for error. The first few years I worked at Counts when I first 
got my Real Estate license, I worked an extra 3 nights a night waiting tables to earn extra money. 

My passion for Real Estate and the Auction business came from my Grandfather and Father both being in the business. I grew up at Bryant Realty Company as a child and spent my life with my Dad teaching me the business. 
Some of my passions are water skiing, snow skiing, pretty much anything outdoors. I LOVE an auction - I really like to collect antique items and Watt and I enjoy going to auctions and buying antiques and land. 

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